Write a program to check armstrong number in c

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Determine if a number is an Armstrong number

Problem: Write A Program To Check Number Is Armstrong Or Not Armstrong Number: An Armstrong number of three digits is an integer such that the sum of the cubes of its digits is equal to the number itself. Write a program in C to check armstrong number with algorithm.

C++ Program to Check for Armstrong Number C Programming language tutorial, Sample C programs, C++ Programs, Java Program, Interview Questions, C graphics programming, Data Structures, Binary Tree, Linked List, Stack, Queue, Header files, Design Patterns in.

This program will read an integer number and check whether it is Armstrong Number or Not, to check Armstrong number, we have to calculate sum of each digit’s cube and then compare number is equal to Sum or not. If Number and Sum of digit’s cube then Number will be an Armstrong Number otherwise not.

Armstrong Number seems to be a difficult program to understand, but it is not. This is probably the simplest C program for Armstrong Numbers.

C Program to check Armstrong Number

Source: CodingAlpha - C Program To Check if a Number is Armstrong. They have explained the Armstrong Number concept very well. Armstrong number in Java. Here we written the code in four different ways standard, using for loop, recursion, while loop and also with different examples as like: between andbetween 1 to and between 1 to with sample outputs and online execution tool embedded.

Write a program to check armstrong number in c
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Write a program to find the given number is Armstrong number or not? - Java Interview Programs