Threat on national security

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Global Threats and National Security

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Deepfakes are a threat to national security, say lawmakers

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Watch video · President Trump broke with national security procedure when he tweeted Syria threat — and contradicted himself President Trump hinted in a tweet at a potential U.S.

The National Security Threats You're Underestimating

strike against Syria. The Defense Department continues to identify the threat posed by its energy consumption and reliance on fossil fuels in spite of current White House policies. The congressional budget deal provides an increase of $90 million in renewable energy and efficiency projects.

Fiscal responsibility is critical for effective national security. Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats told lawmakers Tuesday that the growing national debt is the biggest internal threat to US national security. He urged Congress to take action "before a.

Argument American Retirees Are a National Security Threat Foreigners are eyeing senior citizens’ stock portfolios, and the United States needs to start protecting itself. 1 THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY Definition: Our national security is a state or condition where our most cherished values and beliefs, our democratic way of life, our institutions of governance and our unity, welfare and well-being as a nation and people are.

(1) climate change is a direct threat to the national security of the United States and is impacting stability in areas of the world both where the United States Armed Forces are operating today, and where strategic implications for future conflict exist .

Threat on national security
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