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* DSA TextHelp Read and Write GOLD USB (Mac)

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iReadWrite makes reading easier and ensures accurate writing as you use your iPad for school, work, or leisure. This App runs on your iPad with no Wi-Fi or 3G access necessary.

It will make it easier to write an email, read an article or complete your research and then export it to email, messenger, Facebook or Twitter.

Read&Write for Google Chrome™

Download & Install Read & Write Gold FREE Read & Write Gold by TextHelp is a software designed to assist with Reading, Writing, Studying, and Literature. Open the “Read & Write” app.

Download Read & Write Gold FREE. Help Struggling Learners Succeed with Texthelp's Read&Write for Google Chrome Presenter: Jason Carroll, Global Products Manager, Texthelp Millions of students and their teachers are using Read&Write for Google Chrome to help with reading, writing, research and studying in the classroom.

BrightEye text to speech systems help both teachers and students with special education,dyslexia,learning disabilities,and English as a second language. Texthelp’s Read&Write Gold for Mac, Version 6, hassomething to offer writers and readers of all ages andabilities, from high achievers and mainstreamers toEnglish language learners and those struggling withdyslexia.

It comes from Sesame Street, works on Apple and Android devices, and features Big Bird, games, and fun. Big Bird’s Words, an eSchool News and Metro Bistro App of the Week, encourages children ages four and up to learn vocabulary and read written text.

The App ($) uses Big Bird’s wonderful Word-O-Scope to get children hunting for words in their real-life environment.

Read write app by texthelp demos
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