Notes on collaborative consumption

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The end of consumerism?

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From Airbnb to Zaarly: A Short History of Collaborative Consumption Startups

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collaborative consumption

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Sharing economy

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Sharing economy

COLLABORATIVE CONSUMPTION By Rachel Botsman * Collaborative Consumption is not a flimsy idea or a short term trend but a powerful culture and economic force reinventing not just what we consumed but how we consumed it * Swap trading. Alternatively, collaborative consumption or the sharing economy refers rather to resource circulation systems which allow a consumer two-sided role, in which consumers may act as both providers of resources or obtainers of resources.

85 notes. Reblog. Collaborative lifestyles. People are renting or loaning out their own homes and cars to travelers who want to skip hotel and rental company costs.

Why The Collaborative Consumption Revolution Might Be As Significant As The Industrial Revolution (TCTV). Getting people to understand the collaborative consumption model – Odile Beniflah, Senior Product Manager for european ride sharing startup notes the cultural differences between the US and Europe when it comes to sharing.

Collaborative consumption as a phenomenon is a class of economic arrangements in which participants mutualize access to products or services, in addition to finding original ways to individual ownership.

Notes and references Further reading. Look up sharing economy in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. A Policy Agenda.

The end of consumerism?

View Notes - 11 - Collaborative Consumption and the Sharing Economy from MKTG at University of Pennsylvania. COLLABORATIVE CONSUMPTION AND THE SHARING ECONOMY MKTG / Spring Find Study Resources.

Notes on collaborative consumption
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