Elgin marbles debate

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Why are the Elgin marbles so controversial – and everything else you need to know

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The Parthenon Sculptures

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The Elgin Marbles, sometimes referred to as the Parthenon sculptures, are a collection of marble sculptures that originally adorned the top of the exterior of the Parthenon in Athens, Greece, and. Elgin Marbles: A Debate of Ownership When the Parthenon was constructed in the 5 th century BCE, Athens was thriving as a democracy under the rule of Pericles.

This temple was built to honor the patron deity of Athens, Athena. Feb 17,  · These actions were controversial from the very beginning. Even before all the sculptures - soon known as the Elgin Marbles - went on display in London, Lord Byron attacked Elgin in stinging verses.

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For over years the marbles of Greece have been placed in the British museum, they are recognized as the Elgin Marbles. The Elgin Marbles continue to be the main point of an ongoing debate that will basically determine the historical influence of.

“The Elgin Marbles, gentlemen of the ministry of education, were not ‘transported’ but snatched by force.” For decades Greece has been demanding that Britain return the sculptures to Athens, a demand politicians treat as a centerpiece of national pride.

They have thus completed a process begun by Lord Elgin years ago, and all the Parthenon sculptures have now become museum objects. Parthenon Sculptures in London The sculptures in London, sometimes known as the ‘Elgin Marbles’, have been on permanent public display in the British Museum sincefree of charge.

Elgin marbles debate
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Elgin Marbles: A Debate of Ownership – Ancient Art