Are atheists happier than believers

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Are Believers happier than Atheists?

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Atheists, are Christians generally happier people than atheists?

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Pablo Neruda German poet and diplomat. So I am gifted; I have not noticed it. Are atheists more ethical than religious believers? Are atheists happier than believers? Are atheists more generous and philanthropic than their religious counterparts? The fact that A believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.

— George Bernard Shaw I'm happy, spiritual, and content as are most atheists I know. reply report. Daniel Carter posted 8 years ago in reply to this. I think some believers are happier than //a-believer-is-happier-than-a-skeptic.

· The Atheist Bible Chapter on Atheists The In some countries, atheists have less rights than believers.

In others, atheism is punished by death. Thus, being an atheist is not necessarily easier. At the same time, atheist societies as a whole tend to be happier than theist  · Most atheists are happier yes of all the people I know atheists are the ones who are least likely to use drugs of any-kind Alcohol, street or prescription anti-depressants.

Also you might notice that AA & NA are religious in nature if you don't believe this check for your · Non-believers tend to be happier. In the same analysis, people who believe in god are much less happy.

In other words, the happiest people are those who take part in the social side of religion but don’t take all the god stuff too  · News >> Philosophy >> Itching Atheists. Books for free > > > Itching Atheists. Submitted by on Sat, 25/06/ - believers can get defensive when certain strange beliefs are examined.

For many, religion is answers that can never be questioned. So where does the theory that religious people are meant to be happier than

Are atheists happier than believers
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