An analysis of grendels influence

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Beowulf: Christian Vs Pagan Influence Essay

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He wanted the beauty and order of the story, even if. Explanatory Notes of Beowulf. (= "They played at tæfl [a chess-like board game] in the court, and were happy. They lacked no gold, until three came to them from the world of the giants, giant-maidens with terrifying power".).

As a result, Grendel’s character helps further the Christian influence on the book as well as paint pain Beowulf as a magnificent hero”. She also says, “However, there is a strong Christian influence as well because Grendel is a descendant of Cain and is therefore rejected by god and must live in suffering”.

Grendel. In the original Beowulf epic, Grendel displays nothing but the most primitive human qualities. In Grendel, however, he is an intelligent and temperamental monster, capable of rational thought as well as irrational outbursts of emotion. Throughout the novel, the monster Grendel often seems as human as the people he observes.

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Analysis. In the words of the crabby but oddly charismatic dragon, Grendel finds a vision as powerful and provocative as the Shaper’s. Indeed, throughout the rest of the novel, the philosophies of the Shaper and the dragon battle against each other within Grendel’s mind.

An analysis of grendels influence
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Beowulf - Christian & Pagan Influences