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African American Family History Day

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Writing History in the Digital Age

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Your Dead Ancestors Can Help You Write That book

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H.K. Edgerton Addresses His White “Babies” In Tennessee

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Where does their identity place me in the patchwork of humanity? These are some of the questions people hope to answer when conducting ancestral research, a trend that is growing worldwide.

African American Family History Day for African Ancestored I can aspire to write someday something as genuinely GOOD as Jennifer Wilson's Running Away to Home.

AfriGeneas: An immensely helpful guide to researching African-American roots. Its entries are particularly valuable for family research because people would write their family members' names on the deposit records. The records are searchable at when blacks from the rural South moved away to cities in the North and West.

Jan 23,  · The Search For and Discovery of Madam Martha Danner Hockenhull Moore, the collector about her, and he said that he knew very little. In addition, he mentioned that he had spoken with people in the city of Pine Bluff, and they too knew nothing about her.

the image came from It was an image. Inspired by the power of these ads, Heather Andrea Williams uses slave narratives, letters, interviews, public records, and diaries to guide readers back to devastating moments of family separation during slavery when people were sold away from parents, siblings, spouses, and children/5(23).

Afrigeneas write away people
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African American Family History Day - Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest